Don’t Imitate! Our bodies are different.

Western Super Hit Diets and Tropical Bodies are a Mismatch for Weight Loss. Understand your body.

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Stick to the original you.

Atkins, Paleo, Keto and GM etc. So many wonderful weight loss diets that we know of. Many success stories out there on these diets. 9 Kgs in 3 months. 10 Kgs in 2 months! But before taking the leap, think

-Is my body made naturally for such diet plans?
-Are such diet plans natural for my body?

The answer could very well be a big No.

God made us different. Understand your body. And accept it.

The fundamentals of these popular diets are based on “Western” and “Cold temperature” cultures and food habits. We Indians have been born and brought up in “Warm and Humid” climate cultures.

A little bit of knowledge now.

Life, is driven by metabolism. This is a process that drives every single activity of life like walking, breathing, sleeping, thinking, laughing, crying and even ageing etc. This in turn is driven by burning of fuel that we get from our food. This fuel includes Carbs, Fats and Proteins.

Driving metabolism and optimising weight is our cells’ responsiveness to the hormone Insulin. There are many many more mechanisms working in tandem but this is of key significance to us.

When your cells listen to Insulin you metabolise faster, burn more fuel per second and tend to lose any excess weight gained after a meal. When you don’t (You are termed Insulin resistant), you metabolise slower, burn less fuel per second and the balance un-burnt fuel gets converted into flab. (Oh God! My experimental thought did have a scientific basis!! (Read: The Boon gene in the mirror)).

Now for some hard hitting facts etched in stone…by God!

Multiple studies comparing us Indians (South Asians) living in warmer/humid climate and White Caucasian populations living in colder, drier climate reveal that we Indians, compared to the cold climate populations-

  • are thinner at birth but have a higher proportion of body fat (% body fat)
  • have a higher amount of fat deposited around the waist and inside the abdominal cavity, while White Caucasian population have a higher % body fat beneath the skin. This has been observed on MRI scans of babies in both populations.
  • have a higher proportion of body fat and are more Insulin resistant at age 8 yrs.
  • have a higher proportion of body fat and are more insulin resistant during adulthood.

Now, you should know the following facts.

Fat stored inside and around the belly is more obstinate and doesn’t respond to Insulin than the fat in our limbs, face and upper half of our chest. So, obese people who lost weight, tell me, weren’t the first areas where you started losing fat the limbs, shoulders, jaw lines and upper half of the chest?

Summarising all that knowledge, we Indians thus, have a

-Thinner body at birth + more fat relative to our body size at birth, childhood & adulthood and
-Large part of our body fat is concentrated inside our abdominal cavity and around belly.

So, what’s the big deal?

Well, this means our Asian bodies are programmed naturally to metabolise and burn fuel slower, when compared with the cold climate population. Thus,

  • The way our bodies utilize our diets are different.
  • The way fat builds up in our bodies is different.

And this means that the way my Indian body will lose weight will be different from the way a cold climate body will lose.

So, here’s an important lesson for us. Avoid imitating the cold climate way of dieting and losing weight. But never stop learning from how they plan around their bodies.

Next, we will take a look on what happens when an Indian body starts on a Cold temperature super hit diet. So, do think before you leap!

2 comments on “Don’t Imitate! Our bodies are different.”

  1. Dr Ranjan, very insightful. so is this a battle of managing diet or is it an attempt to manage insulin functions… looking forward to your inputs in your next blog. how to manage weight with indian diet, how not to look at western concepts and still be able to achieve results


    1. Hi Manish. Thank you for your comment. Its about working on our natural structure and body physiology and using our own natural environment. Its about defeating Obesity through a sustainable mechanism in the long term. This beast loves to play a game of cheat through small losses.


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