Share and Care

Hi friends. We all know that in a journey the pain is for the individual traveler to bear. But I believe it’s equally critical to share each other’s experiences and learn from them. Every single experience will help some traveler learn about his/her journey and improve his/her experience.

Sharing opinions based on real time and real life experiences has been one of the strongest and time tested ways of reaching out to and caring for each other. I am starting this section as a simple threads of discussions on our experience of Obesity. So please do share your experiences and opinions.

I believe there is no wrong answer and no comparison. Please do suggest questions that you feel are critical from the perspective of overcoming and defeating obesity. I will try my best to present your questions in the form of a simple thread of discussion.

Let’s have our first topic. You can share your opinions, experiences and ideas as replies/comments.

Q1. Whose voice would drive you the most, to start thinking about your weight and flab and start working on it?

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