What is They2You2I

I know, another weight loss experience is one among millions of them out there.

But it’s not about success today and pain yesterday. This is not another success story about “how I did” and “you can too”. No! Not at all. It’s about the pain that I am living today, each day, because of that load of flab; And like me, you too are. It’s about the failures happening today that only a few talk about in the open.

We obese people know, hidden beneath all those layers of flab is the real “I”; Slim, lean, lighter, dashing and smarter, younger and happier, without any inhibitions. Starting from the first Kg of weight and first inch of fat that got added to this “I” many years ago, every single Kg and inch added, has placed immeasurable psychological and emotional punches and blows on our minds.

Blows after blows each day all through these years have brought us to a state where we have seen and are still seeing ourselves getting consumed, being slowly chewed, one bite at a time, by this monster and can’t do anything but just watch helplessly, all alone.

I call this state of mind as the “Obese Mind“.

Obesity spans across a wide spectrum of physical states, from overweight to being morbidly obese. Each state has its own challenges, struggles and risks. None can be belittled. Every single obese physique is unique and needs to be managed with equal uniqueness. Lifestyle, medication and Surgery in isolation or in combination may be required depending on medical assessment.

All that said, the fundamental truth is that it is a war that every single obese person has to fight by himself or herself including me, whether overweight or morbidly obese. The real war is in my Obese mind. The body and its pain is the by-product. The real war is fought out there in the real world, where I am surrounded by fit, slim, lean and toned physiques.

Each day, I look at “They”, the happier, slim and lean people around me. Its as if they carry their bodies effortlessly. They must be looking at themselves and thinking only about how better they can look. When I look at myself, I only think how less worse I can look.

The pain is so much that it has started pushing me to take the first steps towards somewhere that is not the same “here”. I think Newton was right in saying that only an external force can induce a change in the present state. It definitely applies to the mind!

I want to undertake a journey from “They” towards “I”. I don’t know if I will ever reach the destination. I don’t even know how the destination looks like. But Pain bonds more strongly than pleasure. And I know, it will be a mission no less than walking barefooted to reach the Everest!

What do you say? Will you live and feel this journey with me from They-to-you-to-I? Lets Do it together!!

The pain along the path is all mine to be borne by me alone and all yours to be borne by you alone. But when we look back, we will remember the journey, together.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.” — Izaak Walton